Uzbekinvest Hayot LLC was assigned “AA+” financial reliabi...

24 March , 2021

According to the results of Uzbekinvest Hayot LLC’s activities survey in 2020 conducted by the STANDARD AND SENSETIVE RATINGS rating agency, it was assigned solvency and reliability rating of “AA +” (the highest) with a “stable” forecast.

When reviewing Uzbekinvest Hayot LLC’activities, there were noted such aspects as the use of efficient system of portfolio reinsurance protection, wide regional divisions network and developed agent network, systematic strengthening of insurance performance indicators, and maintaining the appropriate level of reliability and financial stability. Besides, the important activity factors include the competent formation of insurance reserves, insurance payments obligations timely fulfillment, growth of average assets profitability and increase of the profit earned.

Uzbekinvest Hayot LLC, from the moment of its creation and throughout all 18 years of activity, has identified such priorities as high quality level of services provided, development of positive image by creating optimal insurance offers for the clients, as well as bringing services close to potential consumers and, of course, fulfillment of its insurance payments obligations in full and in shortest period possible. Since life insurance in the republic has shown an increase of population demand in recent years, the Company plans to develop new products while maintaining the traditional quality of services provided.