Insurance against accidents

25 August , 2018

In our life full of events and urgent businesses it may happen anything. For this case of unforeseen situations we offer the insurance product against accidents.

Even insignificant traumas entails necessity to make expenses to visit the physician, purchase medicines, andsometimes if the injures are more serious it requires to be in stick-list. The existence of policy against accidents would be significant financial support in the cases described. This policy includes the coverage for the case of traumas (or other damage to health of assured, including the temporary reducing of income if this condition stipulated in Insurance contract), permanent damage to the health (disability) or death of assured. In a case of event insured the insurance company makes the insurance payments in a percentage of the sum insured depending on severity of traumas. Of course, the more sum insured guarantees more payment even at insignificant traumas.

The cost of the policy dependsonsum insured, age of assured, and type of coverage (round-the clock, on manufacture, coverage territory). This product can be purchased independently, or as a part of social package.

We are glad to offer the insurance programs considering individual needs of private and corporative customers.