Insurance against accidents at manufactury

25 August , 2018

The main concern of the state – the creation of a prosperous life for its citizens. It is for this purpose, among other measures, adopted the Law “On obligatory insurance of civil liability of the employer.” However, the compulsory insurance involves the provision of insurance coverage in a certain limit. What if an employer wants to increase protection of their employees? Indeed, in standard applications accident insurance occupational injuries, as a rule, is the exception section. It was at this event, we offer a product of insurance against accidents at work

In contrast to the compulsory insurance in the voluntary nature of the products can provide coverage of the risks it is necessary and in amounts that will be of interest to the client. After getting injured – it is damaging to health, which entails the cost of doctor visits, purchase of medicines, as well as stay in the hospital, the period which can sometimes be quite long. The presence of insurance policy against accidents will be tangible financial support in the above situations. This policy includes coverage for receiving traumatic injuries (or other impairment of the insured person, including material which caused a temporary drop in income if such a condition stipulated in the Insurance Contract), persistent impairment of health (disability) or death of the insured person during the execution of duties. The insurance company when the insured event will produce a payout as a percentage of the sum insured, depending on the complexity of the injury. The higher you set the sum insured in the insurance contract, the greater will be the size of payments, even for minor injuries.

The cost of the policy depends on the recruitment and conditions (the sphere of activity, territoriality (coverage), etc.) the risks covered, sum insured and age / number of insured persons and the type of coverage purchased. This product is available both privately and as a component of employer provided benefits package.

We are pleased to offer insurance programs tailored to the individual needs of our clients.