For clients

1. What does the insurance protection give?


When you receive the insurance policy you create additional guarantees of financial security for unforeseen cases. For example, if you have insurance against accidents, in a case of injuring, the insurance company pays definite sum of money for medicines, rehabilitation, or just as a help at the time of being on stick-list.


Medical insurance policy allows without additional expenses to receive high quality medical services could not be allowed by every person sometimes. Saving type of insurance gives opportunity to accumulate sums need for important life events such as marriage, birth of baby, education, or just for furniture purchase etc. without tangible burden onto the family budget.


The parity between the price and benefits is incommensurable as by paying insignificant sum today you and your family can get a great support in the form of insurance payments tomorrow.


2. How to purchase the insurance policy?


The main conditions of the insurance services:


1. Contract of insurance services for physical persons is made by issuing the insurance policy to the Insured. The consent of the Insured to the contract confirmed by accepting the insurance policy and paying the insurance premium (first installment) by the Insured. In this case the insurance company should give the insurance rules to the Insured with the insurance policy.


2. The Contact of insurance services for legal persons is made by approving with signatures and stamps the document stipulating the conditions of insurance. The consent of the Insured to the contract confirmed by accepting the insurance policy and paying the insurance premium   (first installment) by the Insured. It should be issued the insurance policies for each Assured or one insurance policy, in both cases with the main insurance conditions.


3. The Policies to be issued after the insurance premium payment or its first installment.


The Insurance policies (contracts) could be purchased at the Central office of the «O‘zbekinvest Hayot» LLIC or its branches. When the policies are taken from insurance agents you should check out the right of agent to sell our insurance products.


To purchase the insurance policy (contact) you should fill the application of a standard form which should be given to the representatives of the company with copies of the passports of Insured, Assureds, and Beneficiaries.


3. What should be done at the accident insured?


In a case of accident insured one must inform the insurance company immediately via phone, and later send the written application pointing out the reasons and circumstances of the event. In this case it must paid attention to the obligation to inform the insurance company during term shown in the insurance contact.