For Agents


1. What is the advantage on the job of an insurance agent?


Insurance agent – a great promise. Firstly, working with people, inevitably face a variety of issues, which have to deal, and by the time you do not just offer customers insurance, but also help them with those which bank is better to issue the credit, which is more profitable to purchase tickets as plan the costs for major life events or, given the large circle of friends, help their clients to find business partners. In other words, you have not only an insurance agent, you are a financial advisor.


Of course, this activity brings you income. Conveniently, that the work of an insurance agent can be combined with the main occupation. While it may, over time, you will be more profitable to deal only with insurance and related services, which we discussed above.


2. What should be done to become an insurance agent?    


Turning to our branch in your area, you fill out the necessary documents and will be trained (in person or remotely, depending on how you want it). As a result of training you will be issued a certificate confirming the existence of the necessary qualification and certificate that gives the right to officially represent the Company and sell insurance products offered by it.


3. Are there specific aspects in the business of an insurance agent?   


The insurance agent may be a physical and legal person. Physical persons may work as an agent without forming the legal entity or may work as an individual entrepreneur. If the agent deed made with company (firm), for convenience and efficiency it should be appointed person in charge an employee of this organization.


4. What kind of payroll method is applied for an insurance agent?


The commission is paid on the basis of the work done on the basis of internal documents by transferring the amounts due on the front / settlement bank account (a plastic card).