Сaring for the most valuable


This type of annuity insurance is carried out in accordance with “Employer’s Mandatory Civil Liability Insurance Law” dated April 16, 2009 №LRU-210, Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers “About the Measures on Realization the Employer’s Mandatory Civil Liability Insurance Law” dated June 24, 2009   №177, and Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers “About Approval of Rules on Reimbursement the Damage to Employees by Injures, Professional Disease or Other Damage to the Health in Connection With Ones Work Obligations Fulfillment” dated February 11, 2005 №60.   


In accordance with current legislation Employer must make annuity contract during seven working days from the day of receipting the indemnity to ones account under the mandatory insurance contract as a result of resolution to pay indemnity to injured person or persons who have a right for indemnity, for the period more than one year.  


The insurance company under the annuity contract is obliged to pay indemnity as agreed in contract in the form of current payments within the sum insured for period more than one year correspondingly to:


- injured person for the damage to ones health as result of work injures, professional disease or other damage to the health in connection with  ones work obligations fulfillment;


- beneficiary who has a right to receive the indemnity in acase of death of employee in connection with fulfillment of ones work obligations.


The main conditions of annuity contract:


1. Annuity contract is made for the period of loss of workability by injured person or for period when beneficiary has a right to receive indemnity as a result of losing breadwinner-employee;        


2. Insurance premium is paid for a whole period by Employer upfront;


3. Amount of indemnity depends on wage. Under annuity contract an indemnity is paid as follows:


- monthly payments in percentage of the average monthly wage before the work injury corresponding to the level of losing of professional workability or professional disease;


- in amount of average monthly wage of dead person by subtracting his/her share and shares of workable persons who have been under his/her support, but has no right for indemnity.