Сaring for the most valuable

Life Insurance: General Information

Life insurance – protection to our dearest and closest people from financial straits, care for their prosperity and future welfare, opportunity to realize their plans and guarantee of financial state in spite of life circumstances.  


The most valuable thing for us is the welfare of our family. With a support of life insurance it could be collected the means for the some happy events in our life: attain your dependants’ majority, admission to school or marriage, your jubilee or retirement. It also makes available to leave inheritance to children and even for grandchildren, to collect the moneys to buy a house or car, to schedule plans for the future easily.    


The most important – during the period of the contact you would be under reliable insurance protection of «O‘zbekinvest Hayot» which can not be provided by even the most profitable bank deposit.


Unfortunately, not all so well in our life as we want and lay out, we are all under different risks and external influence. The most horrible thing is when somebody passes away from the life early. If this person was a breadwinner, the family confronted not only with emotional loss, but also financial difficulties. For that very case life insurance would be assistance.


While design the financial plans with families we create opportunity for families to live in the same houses, have a rest in the regular places, go to the same schools or universities. We bring good news to the families when all seems to be hopeless.


The matter is not about insurances, premiums, or commissions. The main idea is to make available a choice given by us to the families.  


Tax remissions:


In the purpose of development of this sphere and increasing the social protection of the people of our country there were admitted the following additional tax remissions by the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan:


- tax remissions applied to individuals: sums of wages and other incomes of the physical person paid as insurance premiums for the long term life insurance are not subject to taxation (income tax, clause 28, article 179, Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan).


- tax remissions applied to entities: sums paid by legal person as an insurance premium for the long term life insurances are referred to as other expenses (clause 33, article 145, Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan);


- the expenses of legal person paid as an insurance premiums for the long term life insurance are not referred to as an income of physical persons (articles  307 and 172, Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan).